It's Not as Easy as It Seems

While the business looks easy, our members can assure you that it is not. You will find it to be extremely demanding both physically and emotionally. As for the physical aspects, when you find yourself crawling through a 140 degree Fahrenheit attic on your stomach while inhaling insulation fibers and pesticides, you will ask yourself why you ever wanted to get into this business.

As for the emotional aspects, you are immersing yourself in a transaction that has extremely important financial and emotional implications for all parties involved. You will often be the bearer of bad news. You may be called a liar and accused of all sorts of misdeeds by sellers and agents. You may also find yourself lying awake at night worrying about being sued. Problems are the nature of this business, both real and imaginary. Your inspection and report will have created these problems. Or, if you're trained, experienced, competent, expert, your inspection and report will help avoid some of these problems. Not all of them. 

You will find that your job is not always over once you deliver the report. You will receive many additional phone calls regarding your inspection and spend countless hours answering questions and explaining your report, (especially if you communicate poorly.)

The basics of getting into this profession are getting experience and education and having the financial depth to start a business.

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